“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is... suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”


me ‘waiting’ in line at mcdonalds 


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ways to give me anxiety:

  1. sit next to me while im on the computer
  2. say “i need to talk to you”
  3. read my messages and dont reply

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when your mom is yelling at you to do more chores while you’re doing chores and you’re there like 


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"Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one."
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boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

I’m more aroused by them giving me large sums of money, personally

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remember when they tried to make a second mean girls 


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